About Vivianne

About Vivianne 

Vivianne has been working with receptive women and men since 2010 with her Emotional Mastery Coaching programs to help them recognise their reactive emotional thoughts and behaviours and to connect in a more balanced way with themselves and with others.

She has also been teaching her own form of Vinyasa Yoga, inspired by Ashtanga, Power Yoga and Iyengar Yoga to groups and individuals since 2005. 

"When we cultivate awareness as to how our thoughts and emotions influence our beliefs about ourselves and control our lives, we can begin to let go of the stories we tell ourselves. 
I call them stories because we have constructed ourselves and our lives based on our upbringing, our experiences and the opinions of others - and not based on our authentic selves."


These stories, often rooted in the distant past of our childhood, hold us back from living at peace in the present moment and from being as strong and powerful as we have the potential to be. 

They affect everything from how we see ourselves, to how we experience reality...and often have us feeling that we are helpless victims to our situation. 

They do not work for us, but against us.  

"I help receptive women and men develop a good balance between self-trust and intelligent discernment in everyday life so that they can find the strength to take their lives into their own hands!" 

Vivianne's story

Up until seven years ago, Vivianne lived her life on a constant emotional roller coaster with frequent and extreme highs and lows. 

She came to a breaking point after the birth of her second child, when she experienced a burnout.  It was during this time that she finally began to recognize and unravel her own story. 
Her story was mired in a childhood of abuse; a destructive pattern which she continued to inflict upon herself in other forms, to compensate for her lack of self-worth, through over-achievement, developing eating disorders and having dysfunctional romantic relationships.

She finally decided that she would no longer allow her past to control her life and she slowly but surely started to transform her ways of thinking and reacting and of relating with others, so that they would become supportive to her life and personal growth.  

It was during this time that she knew she wanted to help others find the same gift of self-healing and empowerment by sharing the tools and methods that helped her.