About Vivianne

"I help receptive women, men, adolescents and children develop a good balance between self-trust and intelligent discernment in everyday life so that they can find the strength to take their lives into their own hands!" 

About Me

I have been working with clients both in Switzerland and Internationally since 2010 to help them recognise their reactive thoughts, emotions and behaviours and to connect in a healthier way both with themselves and with others and with their bodies, so that they can  enjoy a balanced and fulfilling experience of life.

In addition to my Emotional Mastery Training Programs, I also teach my own form of dynamic Yoga, inspired by Ashtanga Yoga, Vinyasa, Iyengar Yoga and Yoga de L'Energie to groups and individuals since 2005. 

When we cultivate awareness as to how our thoughts and emotions influence our beliefs about ourselves and control our lives, we can begin to let go of the stories we tell ourselves. 
I call them stories because we have constructed ourselves and our lives based on our upbringing, our experiences and the opinions of others - and not based on our authentic selves.

These stories, often rooted in the distant past of our childhood, hold us back from living at peace in the present moment and from being as strong and powerful as we have the potential to be. 

They affect everything from how we see ourselves, to how we experience reality...and often have us feeling that we are helpless victims to our situation. 

They do not work for us, but against us.  

Vivianne's story

Using the tools of Yoga, The 8 Limbs of Yoga precepts, meditation, pranayama and intense self-study and personal growth, I turned my life from a seemingly endless emotional roaller-coaster mired by stress in the workplace, PTSD and childhood abuse, to a life that inspires, motivates and drives me forward. 

The tools I applied in my own life have naturally developed over the years into the Yoga@Home and Emotional Mastery@Home coaching programs and all the other aspects of wellness training I now offer to help others live more fully.