Anatomy and the Subtle Body in Yoga - How to Develop a Deeper Connection to, and Understanding of, YOUR Practice. Introduction

Developing a deeper connection with your yoga practice:

For quite some time now, I have been wishing for guidance, for a way to connect on a deeper level with my yoga practice.

I have been practicing yoga for twenty years now – there were phases when I practiced more sporadically maybe a few times a week, but overall, when I look at the years that have gone by, it’s the one thing that has remained in my life. Through ups and downs, when I’ve thrown it away for some time, it’s always calling me back to the mat. Nothing that is purely a physical practice for the aim of staying fit or healthy, holds my interest over longterm. I always find new ways, interests keep changing – the ONLY practice that remains without fail, is yoga.

But, I’ve had my share of struggles and aversion to the practice of yoga too.

I first started practicing mainly to break the routine of exercising obsessively 3 hours a day in a gym when I was anorexic. Plus, I had seen that yogis were usually lean – so, I thought this might be something for me.

So, my relationship with yoga began from the physical perspective. Yoga sure can build up strength, endurance, muscle, keep you fit and lean if you want – for many years this was the main benefit I drew from the practice.

However, no matter what my purpose was, there was always something happening beneath the surface – something more subtle, that was offering much more than a simple physical exercise. Soon enough of course, yoga became my morning ritual including asana (the practice of yoga postures), pranayama yogic breathing exercises, meditation and my own visualisation techniques.

However, what I was looking for is a more scholarly explanation of how the yoga practice including all these elements, affects the physical body and how our anatomy and asana practice connect with the subtle or energetic body – the unseen. And of course, what impact each of these have on each other…how they are connected etc.

I now have found answers to my questions and so much more, as I am reading what for me is one of THE best books I have ever come across – Yoga of the Subtle Body by Tias Little.

So, through my curiosity and interest in the subject, plus the details in which this book is written – through the way in which the information can be directly applied in our practice, with a deeper understanding of the workings of the subtle and physical body in yoga, I will begin the first lesson in this series of applicable lessons – ‘Developing a Deeper Connection with Your Yoga Practice’, for anyone wishing to delve deeper into self-discovery through yoga.

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