Why do we need Corporate Wellness?

  • Stress in the workplace is a world-wide growing problem, with 65% of employees reporting moderate to high levels of stress in the workplace.  
  • Work-place stress and burnout are ever-growing factors costing employers precious financial and human resources 
  • Finally, these issues reduce productivity and create a negative work environment    

Advantages to offering a quality Corporate Wellness program in your workplace

  • Reduces stress
  • Can improve emotional intelligence and therefore support effective communication between employees
  • Supports a growth mindset, thus enhancing employees' ongoing professional and personal development
  • Increases employee satisfaction, which positively impacts productivity
  • Cultivates focus and concentration 
  • Improves health and therefore may lead to fewer sick-days

Beyond Illusions Corporate Wellness programs are tailored to the needs and preferences of your business and your employees.  They may be in the form of a workshop (afternoon, one day, or weekend), retreat, or even weekly collective lessons. 

They may include a combination of any aspects of training offered in the Beyond Illusions Training programs.  The aspects are adapted or edited to fit your business needs and environment: 



Collective Yoga

Pranayama & Meditation

The 8 Limbs of Yoga


Contact Vivianne to book a trial lesson free of charge or discuss the particular needs of your business and have your proposal drawn up