Emotional Mastery Coaching - in person or online

'Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass - it's about learning to dance in the rain!'

EmotionalMastery@Home provides a framework of self-analysis and concrete steps to help you free yourself from beliefs and habits that hinder your growth, keeping you on an emotional roller-coaster, and to develop those that support you.

This training is undertaken through weekly discussion, note-taking and concrete actions to be taken each week, and is guided by the following steps throughout the program:

1) nurture deeper awareness and presence in everyday life through your everyday experiences recorded in our weekly meetings

2) through this deeper awareness, recognize the habits and beliefs that hinder your growth

3) replace each habit and belief one at a time, with those that support you

4) repeat the process every day, until it becomes a natural and inspiring way to live your life!

The program will be supported by a framework of this tested method, with your weekly personal development plan that you design in discussion with your coach. This framework usually includes three concrete weekly action-steps towards your progress, and a weekly feedback report from your coach, with notes and suggested further work or reflection sent to you by email after each meeting. 


You may choose to include yoga, meditation, pranayama or the 8 limbs of yoga as complimentary tools in your Emotional Mastery Coaching program

NEW: From Victim to Victory! Emotional Mastery program - especially designed for survivors of abuse

'Let me take you on a journey of realignment, chiseling away at the thoughts beliefs and habits that are keeping you stuck on repeat'

Vivianne Romang

           coach & creator of EMOTIONAL MASTERY@HOME

Prices (sessions of 1 hour)
  • EmotionalMastery@Home single session: 150.-
  • Special Offer monthly payment plan for regular weekly lessons: generally 20% off the single session price.  For example 480.- instead of 600.- 

- 10% off all collective lessons

- A gift voucher for any private lesson of your choice
- Vouchers for three group lessons

when you enroll in the Special Offer monthly payment plan

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