Are you too busy to attend collective lessons? 


Do you need help developing a regular home practice?

Do you have chronic pain, injuries or illnesses you would like to alleviate?

Would you like to boost your learning?

Do you want to design your very own program including: yoga, meditation & pranayama, the 8 limbs of yoga precepts for living a peaceful life and/or emotional mastery tools? 

- 10% off all collective lessons
- A gift voucher for one private lesson of Yoga@Home or EmotionalMastery@Home
- Vouchers for three group lessons

when you enroll in the Special Offer monthly payment plan

Yoga@Home is designed to:

  • Provide you the flexibility to be able to stay in the comfort of your home whilst your yoga instructor comes to you
  • Give you the chance for one-on-one quality learning with a program designed specifically for you, according to your needs and preferences - in-depth focus on what you wish to develop further

You may choose from the following Yoga@Home programs:

  • Private Yoga single sessions 
  • Semi-Private Yoga (2-3 persons)
  • Special Offer monthly payment plan for regular weekly lessons

I would like to take private lessons...what next?

1. Schedule your trial lesson to find out if we are a good match and if you would be a suitable candidate for this program          

2. Choose from the Private Training Options List, (sent to you by email after your first trial lesson and discussion) to design your own program and choose your Yoga@Home Package

3. Receive the details of your tailored package to be signed and returned to Vivianne

4. Receive your gift vouchers & your premium membership card allowing you 10 percent off all local workshops and collective lessons!

Contact Vivianne today to book your complimentary Yoga@Home session