Yoga & Personal Transformation

Beyond Illusions provides exclusive yoga, wellness and personal transformation services for executives, VIPs and Private Clients who desire to live a life that is happy and sustainable emotionally, physically and mentally.  

Yoga is also provided in the form of collective weekly lessons in Lausanne.    

Experience physical strength & pain relief

Cultivate mental clarity

Live each day guided by inner peace & resilience

Training programs are tailored to the needs of each individual and implement a wide variety of wellness and therapeutic tools, which may include any of the following:

Psycho-somatic therapy 



Energetic Thai Massage

Weekly coaching & feedback reports (for the implementation of daily habits supportive to balance & well-being)  


Pranayama (yogic breathing exercises to promote health of inner organs, to develop focus and concentration and to support mental health)



Archetypes & self-awareness in recognizing destructive patterns and beliefs

The common thread through all programs is an unmasking of habits of thoughts, emotions, beliefs and behaviors that keep a person stuck mentally, emotionally and/or physically and replacing them with those that increase vigor and inspire growth and well-being.    

The emphasis is placed on the client / patient learning to self-regulate.  

This can short-circuit otherwise long years of therapy and build positive transformation as a way of life!