Vivianne Romang

Learn to master your emotions & free yourself from the 'Drama'

Experience physical strength & pain relief  -  cultivate mental clarity  -  live each day guided by inner peace & resilience

What is unique about Beyond Illusions' Yoga and Emotional Mastery training programs?

Human connection is at the core of my working method, and comprises above all, deep listening, free of judgement.  I have learned also, that sharing my own weaknesses and struggles is essential in building authentic connection. Much of what we see portrayed in our world, is an image, an outside facade of perfection, which thwarts genuine human connection, breeds envy, and even stands in the way of lasting health and healing.

When we are able to be open and authentic towards ourselves and towards others, we have nothing to lose and our strength is derived from an inexhaustible source within.  Genuine connection with ourselves provides us with the freedom to heal so that we may tap into this limitless inner power and build our outer world from that solid grounding. 

This working spirit permeates both my group lessons and my private training - and this, I believe is rather rare in our commercially driven society where even yoga has become saturated with marketing and hype, lacking in real substance.  

Services offered:    


Are you weighed down by repetitive emotional states such as anxiety, stress, fear or feelings of worthlessness and overwhelm?

Do you often feel you are over-sensitive and feel other people's emotions?

Are you suffering from burn-out? 

Are you exhausted from trying and fighting so hard?

Do you feel lost and empty, lacking a sense of purpose?

Have you suffered enough?

Learn to master your thoughts & emotions and have them work for you, rather than against you!  Book a free session of Emotional Mastery training, and find out how you can reveal the ingrained habits and beliefs that keep you stuck, and replace them with those that inspire growth and well-being.  


Release tension and tend to your self-care in the privacy of your own home. Become strong, balanced & purposeful!

The 8 Limbs of Yoga

The traditional precepts of yoga for living a peaceful and fulfilling life.  This is an ancient program, thousands of years old, built on deep self-analysis and the development of progressive self-discipline in all aspects of life, to positively impact our well-being

Collective Yoga

Build up strength and stamina whilst cultivating ease in the face of every-day life! Join a down-to-earth genuine group of people interested in personal growth through yoga

Pranayama & meditation

Boost long-term health of your inner organs, digestive system & circulatory system, relieve anxiety & cultivate long-term mental equilibrium

Corporate Wellness

Improve atmosphere and productivity in your workplace: foster personal growth and well-being in your employees with tailor-made workshops, retreats or regular weekly lessons in yoga, pranayama, meditation and/or emotional mastery training 



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