Yoga Training in the privacy of your own home is perfect for you if:
  • You would like help in developing a regular practice at home
  • You would like to learn sequences and tools adapted to your level and interest
  • You have a busy or irregular schedule an you have difficulty attending group lessons
  • You wish to advance in your practice at a steadier pace
  • You wish to focus on specific aspects of the practice
Benefits of Private Yoga Training
  • possibility of combining yoga with a weekly plan & feedback report for introducing new habits for all areas of life (inquire for details)
  • flexible schedule
  • special attention to particular pains or injuries
  • progress at your own pace
  • develop a more intimate connection with your instructor
  • a regular program that is designed especially for what you wish to achieve
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Styles of Yoga taught  
The style of yoga taught, will depend on your aims and also on your fitness level, your energy level and your emotional state

  • Hatha yoga, for a particular focus on alignment, correct breathing, mental focus and mindful practice
  • Vinyasa Yoga, for a more dynamic practice that will challenge you physically and through the physical challenge, will help train you to remain calm, strong and focused in everyday stressful situations
  • Yin, for deep relaxation, introspection and to help soften the fascia in your body - this style is also especially useful in releasing pent-up emotions and trauma

Lesson Duration

Lessons generally last one hour. However, if you wish to incorporate pranayama, meditation and you wish to have a full hour of yoga asana instruction, you should opt for a 90-minute lesson.

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