Private Therapy

"This course has helped me establish a healthy mechanism for coping with anxiety and stress"

Paul, age 24, stress & anxiety 

"This course has helped me establish a healthy mechanism for coping with anxiety and stress having gone through mental distress. The practice and meditation have helped break bad habits and push me towards a positive mindset. The courses helped me connect with myself, stay grounded and find balance, giving me the keys to an overall better lifestyle! I strongly recommend doing the exercises Vivianne suggests, it doesn't take long and really makes a difference in how you approach life in general! A lot of ground has been covered after a handful of sessions and I am very thankful!"
(verified testimonial from a patient with bipolar disorder on trouver-un-cours.ch)

"Si je n'avais qu'un mot pour la décrire, je la qualifierai d'exceptionelle!"

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"Vraie, impliqué, vivifiante, inspiré, affable, novatrice, naturelle, empathique"

 Anne, age 70, regular patient and client of 10 years: 

accompaniment during her husband's chronic illness and grief after his death. Physical strength and fitness, mental focus & emotional stability


"Quand j'ai sollicité ses services, j'etais en malaise profonde face à mon avenir professionnel et personnel, traversant une crise existentielle sans précèdent dans ma vie...elle à fait preuve d'une part de beaucoup d'empathie mais surtout d'audace en me posant des questions pertinentes (qu'aucun des spécialistes n'avait posé) qui ont suscité en moi une nouvelle facon d'appréhender mes problèmes. 

Aujourd'hui, j'ai repris une activité professionelle et me consacre à un projet artistique à pleine temps, je suis aussi redevenu sportif et j'ai du mal à croire que tous ces changements se soient faits en l'espace d'un an...je suis sur que toutes les personnes croisant sont chemin ont quelque chose à gagner en la cotoyant." 

Marco, age 28, suffering from depression, anxiety, CPTSD

Workshops & Corporate Training

December 2019 RWS Life Sciences,  global leader in translations and linguistic validation services for the life sciences sector
Workshop: Chair Yoga for Stress-Management in the Workplace 

“I appreciated your responsiveness and the questions that you asked to better understand what our needs were in order to offer an appropriate workshop. The time-frame within which you organized the workshop after our initial contact was perfect! We also appreciated that you were able to provide us with different options to choose from, for the workshop. The personal contact with you was great. We appreciated the possibility to speak either in French or in English and that the workshop was given in English. Furthermore, we were grateful for the professional pamphlets you provided each participant with, in order to be able to independently continue to practice the exercises. The fact that you provided mats was very helpful as well.

Going by the feedback I received from our employees, people really enjoyed the experience and some of them had never done yoga before. The workshop was very well adapted to all levels and you took the right amount of time to explain each posture. During this hour we all felt 'away' from our projects and very relaxed at the end. 

I would definitely contact you again, for a workshop of this kind!"

Alice Fournier, Associate Project Manager, RWS, Lausanne 

November 2018 Association des Paysannes Vaudoises
Workshop: Introduction au Yoga (An Introduction to Yoga)

September 2018 IMD Corporate Yoga

"I had the opportunity to work with Vivianne on a corporate mandate in autumn 2018. One of the challenges she faced was to handle an unknown number of people and without knowing their level of ability prior to starting. She was the best person for the mandate, as through her experience she managed to build quick rapport and fantastic yoga practices. The clients enjoyed Vivianne's lessons. Many of the participants left inspired and motivated, swearing to start up their own practice back at home. I will happily use her services again! Vivianne is flexible, her rates are competitive and her enthusiasm in doing a great job allow me to confidently recommend her services."

Laurence da Silva, Founder of Fit With Me Personal & Corporate training

Administrator-verified reviews for private therapy and collective training

on http://www.trouver-un-cours.ch:

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Overall Review average score:

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Collective Yoga Lessons

“On s’amuse pendant le cours”   

  "Vivianne est une professeur expérimentée, très attentive au niveau technique et physique de chacun de ses élèves"

  "Très bon équilibre entre la détente ressentit immédiatement après la séance et le travail sur les muscles profonds"   

  "Vivianne est une prof qui prend toujours du temps pour améliorer la technique, le mental et le physique de chacun de ses élèves"  

  "Super!! Excellent cours!"   

  "C’est un travail dur et amusant au même temps!"   

  "Her teaching is one of a kind! She has a gentle determination"

“Vivianne has helped me to reach a level of emotional balance and genuine satisfaction that have changed my life”

"Vivianne offre les cours d'Ashtanga dans une salle très conviviale avec un groupe intime et amical. Vivianne travaille avec un grand professionnalisme et nous enseigne avec patience et gentillesse. On s'amuse pendant les cours mais en même temps on apprend les bonnes méthodes du yoga. On rentre toujours bien fatigué après une matinée physique et sympa!"

Cathy Horn

"Le cours est très bien construit avec une partie respiration suivi d'enchaînements de postures et enfin des exercices de relaxation. Vivianne est une professeur de yoga expérimentée, très attentive au niveau technique et physique de chacun de ses élèves. Très bon équilibre entre la détente ressentit immédiatement après la séance et le travail sur les muscles profonds." 

Sandra Delay

"Le cours d' Ashtanga Yoga est un cours pour chasser la fatigue, se muscler et gagner en sérénité. Je me sens toujours très détendu mentalement et musculairement après chaque séance de Yoga. Viviane est une prof très attentive et gentille qui prends toujours du temps pour améliorer la technique, le mentale et le physique de chacun de ses élèves."

Christiane Alvine  

"Super!! Excellent cours! J'apprécie le côté souplesse ainsi que le côté physique. On sort du cours bien fatigués, avec l'esprit calme. Chacun peut choisir le niveau de difficulté par contrôler les mouvements par soit même. Merci Vivianne de prendre soin de nous avec tendresse! C'est un travail dur et amusant en même temps!"

Daniela Favre

"Vivianne's lessons are one of a kind! Her teaching is sincere and down-to-earth. She has a gentle determination that gets each one of us to push ourselves to our limits, whilst listening to our need for moments of being more gentle with ourselves. Her lessons are physically stimulating for people of any level of fitness or flexibility - from beginner to advanced sportsman. I especially love how she combines the physical practice and somatic awareness whilst offering a variety of tools for connecting with our spiritual selves through pranayama, visualisation and meditation. Vivianne has helped me (both through group lessons and private coaching) to reach a level of emotional balance and genuine satisfaction that I never thought I could find and that have changed my life. Thank you so much dear Vivianne!!!"


Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass by -
It's about learning to dance in the rain!