Therapy Overview

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Therapeutic tools may be combined and applied according to what your therapist regards as the most useful program for your needs, taking into account your personal preferences as well

Below is a rough guide of what each tool is most effective in treating

Therapeutic Coaching
for PTSD, depression, anxiety, addictions, burnout, stress-management, PTSD and trauma & general wellbeing

Yoga Therapy for structural issues, injuries, reduced movement (due to old-age, injury, illness or handicap), psychosomatic health, illness, chakras - clearing blockages and upkeep, inter-generational trauma & archetypes, PTSD, prenatal & postnatal accompaniment

Pranayama breathing techniques to support immune health, proper functioning of inner organs, mental stability and preparing the practitioner for meditation 

Therapeutic Thai Massage release tension and feel nurtured by a form of Thai Massage that induces deep relaxation by working on the meridians, muscles and fascia of the body paired with the practitioner's meditative movement and regulated breath

Relaxation Therapy, Guided Visualization & Sophrology for conscious release of muscular, emotional, mental and psycho-somatic tensions

Yoga Nidra also known as yogic sleep is a state between waking and sleeping, which cannot be reached through conventional sleep.  In this state, your brain is thoughtless, which induces deep relaxation and can help relieve PTSD symptoms, chronic stress and anxiety