for help in managing chronic pain or illness, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, burnout, stress, depression...etc

The treatment includes the use of Therapeutic Breath and Guided Relaxations & Sophrology

The aim of Integrative Yogatherapy
is to help relieve suffering and to improve well-being by bringing harmony to all the energies of the body; to the physical, as well as the mental and emotional levels of our existence.

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How is Integrative Therapy Undertaken? 
On the physical level: through asanas or yoga poses and somatic awareness training.

On the mental and emotional levels: we work with affirmations, guided relaxations, sophrology and a process of psychological transformation through self-observation and self-inquiry.
  • Guided relaxations bring you into a state of altered consciousness thus working on the subconscious level, where old patterns can be released and new insights experienced.
  • New beneficial habits are gradually introduced to replace existing non-beneficial habits through the implementation of a weekly plan and recap report.
  • You will be taught pranayama (therapeutic breathing techniques) that are designed to support you with the specific mental, physical and emotional challenges you are facing.
Your therapist will delve into the connection between psychosomatic illness and thoughts, habits and emotions to help you learn to restore long-term harmony between the physical and mental-emotional levels.
Finally, you will also learn about the positive archetypes that you can use to help you direct your life in a healthier way.

The result for you as the patient is an improved sense of well-being that will provide you with strength in face of life's inevitable adversities!

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass by -
It's about learning to dance in the rain!