Prices & Gift Packages

Choose to either pay by the hour for your private training or choose a discounted monthly rate or a ten times pass if you wish to save on regular lessons. 

Gift packages are also available and are a great opportunity for your loved ones to benefit from the whole range of services at a discounted price. 

Private sessions are now also available via Zoom. 

Private Therapy and Private Training via Zoom - online hourly rate


All in-person Private Therapy and Private Training 

60 minute session: 120.-

90-minute session: 150.- 

Monthly rate for 60-minute sessions: 430.- (this is a 50.- discount)

Ten times pass for 60-minute sessions: 1080.- (this is a 120.- discount)

Monthly rate for 90-minute session: 540.- (this is a 60.- discount)

Ten times pass for 90-minute sessions: 1350.- (this is a 150.- discount) 

Gift Cards
Yoga gift package
1 x 60-minute yin yoga + relaxation
1 x 60-minute hatha yoga or vinyasa yoga + breath work
Price: 250.- (this is a discount of 30.-) 
Complete De-stress & Unwind package
1 x 60-minute Meditative Thai Massage
1 x 60-minute guided relaxation or sophrology + breath work
1 x 60-minute yin yoga
Price: 320.- (this is a discount of 40.-) 
De-stress & Activate package
1 x 60-minute Meditative Thai Massage
1 x 60-minute yoga (yin, hatha or vinyasa) followed by a guided relaxation
1 x 60-minute extensive pranayama breath work for releasing stress and increasing energy
1 x 60-minute yogatherapy
Price: 460.- (this is a discount of 50.-)

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass by -
It's about learning to dance in the rain!